LECA - Clay Pebbles

R142 - R395


Growing plants without soil has become a very popular and practical concept in recent times. Clay Pebbles are ideal for hydroponic systems including flood and drain, multipot and drip-ring systems, they also support media for deep water culture. 

LECA Clay Pebbles can also be used to mix with other substrates to improve their structure, or to add a drainage layer in the bottom of pots.



  • pH 6-7
  • Pebble sizes of 9 – 16 mm.
  • Water retention capacity 7%
  • ISO manufacturing standards


Retains Moisture

Increases Aeration

  • Clay Pebbles are very lightweight and porous which allows them to hold in air and increase aeration for the root systems of your plants.

Provides Reliable Drainage

  • Drainage can become an issue if soil becomes too compact. To prevent bad drainage, Clay Pebbles can be used as they collect excess water and store it for the plant to use later. Good drainage prevents roots for becoming damaged because of excess water. Clay pebbles are usually used as a base layer or even mixed into the growing medium.

Long Life Cycle

  • Clay pebbles can be used multiple times making them a great choice in environments with multiple harvests. There is no predicted expiry date on clay pebbles, their lifespan is dependent on their usage.

100% natural and eco-friendly

pH neutral


Reduced risk of getting pests


How to use

  • Product needs to be flushed/rinsed before use.
  • Highly effective hydroponic growing substrate - i.e. ebb and flow/ drain to waste
  • Can be used at the bottom layer of your pots for root aeration - prevents roots from sitting in water.