T5 Grow Lamp 24w 6400K



These are the replacement lamps for EnviroGro / LUMii 2 Lamp and 4 lamp lighting systems.

EnviroGro’s T5 Bulbs by Lumii delivers performance and flexibility along with high lumen output.

T5 lights are great to use for propagation during cloning, as well as for germination. They are highly efficient and a must have when practicing perpetual harvest cycles.



  • High output
  • Low heat & highly efficient
  • Ideal for the growth/propagation phase
  • Spectrum: 6400k Cold white
  • Power: 24w
  • Length: 54.8cm


How to use a T5 light?

How high should I hang my T5 light from my plants?

  • Seedlings & cuttings keep the fixture 16-30cm from canopy (height depends on stage of seedling or rooting you are in)
  • Vegging: 10-15cm from canopy

Can you use a T5 in flowering?

  • Not recommended


Benefits of T5

  • T5 fluorescent grow lights are more efficient than Metal Halide and HPS grow lights.
  • The light output does not degrade much over its lifespan, providing better overall performance.

Our opinion:

Seedlings and cuttings respond best to CFL (T5) over any other light technology available in the market today. The light spectrum, PPFD and electromagnetic vibration is just where it needs to be for your young plants to absolutely thrive, as if it were the spring solstice.