Air Pumps

R149 - R355


Air pumps are used in conjunction with Air Stones and Silicone Tubing to aerate nutrient solutions in reservoirs to keep them from going anaerobic. Additionally, they are used in deep water culture hydroponic systems to oxygenate roots which in turn increases nutrient uptake. Without necessary aeration in a deep water culture hydroponic system, plants will drown due to the fact that they need oxygen in the root zone to survive.

The Dophin air pump is an affordable yet effective solution to those seeking aeration in either their reservoirs or deep water culture system. Air-pumps include a high and a low switch which regulates the airflow accordingly. In addition to this, the sleek design includes feet that absorb vibrations and as a result, reduce the sound whilst in use. We also have a more efficient Regent air pump with a fully adjustable flow rate for those looking for a more premium air pump.



  • Strong & Reliable Air Supply Pump
  • Super performance & High Output
  • Safe & Quiet Operation
  • High / Low Function



Dophin 5500

Power 1-2 W
Outlet 78L/h - Single outlet
Output settings Single-speed

Dophin 6500

Power 2-2.5 W
Outlet 100L/h - Single outlet
Output settings Two-speed

Dophin 7500

Power 2.5-3 W
Outlet 150L/h - Double outlet
Output setting Two-Speed

Dophin 8500

Power 3-4 W
Outlet 210L/h - Double outlet
Output settings Two-Speed

Regant 9500

Power 2.9 W
Outlet 240L/h - Double outlet
Output settings Adjustable flow control


Please note: Remember to place the air pump above water level to protect water from flowing backwards