Insulated Ducting (Acoustic and Thermal)

R60 - R110


Acoustic ducting is flexible sound-absorbing and thermally insulated ducting with Aluminium micro-perforated ducting on the inside. 

The thermally insulated ducting is lined with 25 mm thick polyester fibre insulation and is covered on the outside with multilayer aluminium/polyester jacket to give an excellent vapour-barrier and prevent condensation forming.

As the air travels down the inner core the sound is let out through the holes into the fibre, which insulates and dampens sound. An additional benefit is the heat insulation properties of the ducting as a result of the sound dampening. Acoustic ducting offers a cost-effective and more flexible alternative to silencers.

In practice, the ducting reduces the noise of a fan by around 60%-80%.



  • Average noise reduction of 70%
  • Thermally insulated & anit-condensation forming
  • Aluminium jacket
  • 25mm Insulation
  • High temperature range: -30C / +140C
  • High air velocity rating: 30m/second
  • High operating pressure: 2500 Pa


Please Note:

Price represents 1 piece =1 meter

Maximum length on a single piece is 10 meters. For example, when ordering 12 meters, you will receive 1x 10 meter length and 1x 2 meter length. Recommended length 10m for a clean/factory cut.