ENVIRONOC 501 - Post Harvest

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Composting, Reducing & Dethatching Enhancement 

Over 29 strains of fresh, viable and natural microbes selected for their capabilities to provide enhanced composting, enhanced agricultural field stubble digestion, grass thatch reduction and other vegetation degradation.

For those growing in pots or beds - it is great at breaking down your root balls(without having to rip them all out), which feeds your worms and microorganisms. Prevents any harmful interferences with the Rhizosphere (soil) by the process of pulling out the roots or tilling. This in turn allows your soil to build up a healthy a rhizosphere, improving soil health every season. 

Why 501?

Crop residue. Stubble. Waste. The leftovers from last season’s harvest could be considered a real nuisance.

Biodyne’s ENVIRONOC 501 Biological Stubble Digester is a broadcast application utilising high concentrations of more than two dozen naturally-occurring, viable, non-genetically modified beneficial microbe strains. 

ENVIRONOC 501 provide enhanced degradation of many polymers such as cellulose, chitin and related, lignin and related, increased efficiency for composting and vegetation degradation applications.

Rather than digest the stubble, 501 etches the surface to allow water, air and the beneficial microbes to enter the stalk. Nutrients are released from the inside out, preparing the soil for next season’s crop and building organic matter.

When you end your season with an application of ENVIRONOC 501, you’re already starting the next season off right. 



  • High count microbial inoculant with efficacy across a number of environmental applications.
  • Beneficial cellulose and lignin-degrading microbes increase the release of organic matter and enhance water retention. 
  • 501 breaks down the waxy layer, boring into the cellulose and allowing water, air and other mi-crobes to enter. This softens residue but leaves some surface fodder to help resist erosion.
  • Nutrients contained inside the stalk are un-leashed, replenishing the soil for the next growing season and providing return on investment.
  • Not only are you increasing the workability of the soil and the ease of planting the next crop by reducing typically tough crop residue before planting.
  • Degradation of complex polymers like cellulose, starch and lignin to reduce the volume of home or commercial recycled plant waste.
  • Reduction of stubble management in no till or low till operations through the degradation activities of microbes that can recycle nutrients in stubble.
  • Reduction of accumulated mowing debris through the action of microbes to provide a healthier environment for the growth of the vegetation.
  • Will help breakdown root balls - feeding your worms and microorganisms.




  • Suitable for use in Organic Farming according to EC and NOP Regulations - Ecofert Certification: SA F-32600
  • Appearance: Tan- to brown-colored liquid that flows like water
  • Odour: Fresh product has a mild odor of creamed corn. Stored product will have stronger odour with time.
  • pH: 6.5 – 7.5
  • Concentration: >100 million microbes per milliliter
  • 29 species of live microorganisms representing 11 different genera
  • Other Ingredients: <0.25% mixture of soy protein, yeast extract and molasses in water
  • Manufactured by Biodyne South Africa


How To Use

    Living soil:

    Pots, beds & compost piles:

    • Apply at the end of your season/start of decomposition at 2ml per L for a full soil drench.


    • Per HA apply 200ml.

        Application notes:

        • Do NOT apply as foliar spray during flowering.
        • Shake well before using.
        • Use only dechlorinated water.
        • Due to the complex formulation of the microbial blend, we strongly not recommend that growers brew/feed ENVIRONOC 501.
        • Can't be overused.

        Storage notes:

        • Store in a dark, cool place - Never in direct sunlight.
        • At ambient temperature the product should maintain its predicted activity for up to 3 months.
        • With refrigeration, the product should maintain its predicted activity for up to 6 months.
        • Do NOT freeze
        • Use By Date – Beyond the periods mentioned above, the product will not go “bad” but rather due to possible reduction in microbial numbers, the recommended dose for application may no longer achieve the desired result. By increasing the dose, the product may still provide acceptable results.
        • At Green Houston we typically bottle a week or less before you purchase to assure freshness.