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Rectangle Garden Tray 1m x 40cm



The Garland Rectangle Garden Tray product features a series of shallow horizontal recesses on the internal base of the tray which aid drainage and allow water flow under grow bags or plant pots.

Garland Rectangle Trays are popularly used as a large irrigation table for keeping a multitude of potted plants watered. Garland trays can be filled with growing medium or capillary matting, depending on what you prefer. 



  • Tough rigid plastic tray made from recycled polypropylene
  • Resistant to all garden chemicals and oils.
  • Colour: black


100cm Long, 40cm Wide, 5cm High External


How To Use

There are many potential uses for the tray:

  • Catch container for liquids
  • Can be placed underneath plant pots as an alternative to individual drip trays
  • Can be used at the bottom of a grow tent/space to catch spills or prevent water damage
  • Can be used for a flood and drain system
  • Easy to drill for DIY adaption
  • Perfect for private or commercial farmers as a large irrigation table


All garland products made in England