Extra Large High Dome Propagator



This product, designed by Garland, is one of the largest injection molded propagators on the market.

The base tray of the product does not feature drainage holes however you can easily puncture the existing mold to create drainage holes to your liking. The lid features 2 adjustable ‘dial’ ventilators to control the humidity and optimize growing conditions.

With a lid molded in crystal clear, shatter resistant material, the Garland XL High Dome Propagator is strong, durable and offers extra rigidity. This product is made of high quality, recycled plastics and is easy to keep clean. It can even be put in the dishwasher.


  • 58cm (23") Long
  • 40.5cm (16") Wide
  • 22.5cm (9") High


How To Use

  1. Fill each cell with seed starter.
  2. Water the tray well with a fine spray.
  3. Place seed, seeds or cutting in each cell and cover with a layer of seed starter
  4. For faster germination, place inserts into the seed tray and cover with the propagator lid.
  5. As plants grow allow ventilation by propping open one side of the lid by approximately 1cm.
  6. Keep the seed starter moist at all times 
  7. Place somewhere warm and close to sunlight but avoid direct sunlight. When growing indoors, ensure the seedlings are kept at a distance from the grow light.


Tips For Use

Propagators are simple and provide an ideal start for young plants and seedlings. They retain humidity and warm air while still allowing seedlings and young plants to receive light, like a mini greenhouse.

Because the propagator restricts normal air movement, seedlings should not be covered for long periods of time in order to ensure the young plants develop a strong and healthy stem.

Once the plants reach about 7cm tall, the cover should be removed. A small fan on a low setting can be used to give plants living indoors the air flow they need. Place your propagator somewhere warm, but be wary of direct sunlight as this can be too harsh for young plants and seedlings.