Heat & Insulated Mat Bundle

R419 - R1 080


The ROOT!T Heat Mat is used to ensure that germinating seeds and rooting clones are at a constant temperature, which helps to create higher germination rates and successful rooting systems. The heat mat comes with an insulated mat which is placed underneath the heating mat to ensure no warmth escapes out the bottom.

Ensuring seeds and cuttings are at an appropriate temperature is important as seeds are only able to germinate when the temperature of the medium around them is in their preferred temperature range. 

Certain plants require more warmth than others and without the luxury of consistent warm weather and cold nights, the plants' sprouting process may be interrupted, which may lead to problems with germination. The ROOT!T Heat and Insulated Mat is the perfect solution for this.


  • ROOT!T Heat Mats offer more uniform heating than others on the market. The single mesh element is encased in waterproof, fray–proof layers.
  • ROOT!T Heat Mats are tough and can withstand rugged greenhouse environments.
  • By applying warmth to the bottom of your propagation tray or dome, you will increase the success rates of germinating plants and will result in a healthy root system.
  • If you are late to start seeds indoors, a heating mat is great in order to shave a few days off of your planting schedule.
  • A heating mat is a great addition to seed starting and rooting clones if you live in a colder climate.
  • By using a heating mat, you are able to extend your sowing season.



  • Increases ambient temperature by 10-15 degrees (use Root!t heat mat controller for accurate temperature control)
  • Ip67
  • Indoor and greenhouse use only 
  • 230V | 50Hz
  • RoHS, WEEE & CE
  • 1 Year Warranty (T&C apply) 


11W Heat and Insulated Mat: 35cm x 25cm

30W Heat and Insulated Mat: 60cm x 40cm

60W Heat and Insulated Mat: 120cm x 40cm


How To Use

  • Lay your insulated mat that has been included with your heating mat
  • Then simply lay your heating mat on top of your insulated mat
  • You are then ready to place your propagation dome on the heating matt to ensure adequate heating of the medium
  • In order to monitor and maintain heating of your medium, we suggest using a thermometer in conjunction to monitor the temperature