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Rope Ratchets



LUMii Rope Ratchets come in a pair of two and have two quick release carabiner clips for ease of use and 2.4 metres of braided polypropylene rope.

The LUMii Rope Ratchets pull tight and lock into place. They are very durable, tough and will not let you down as they are also heat and cold resistant. 

Ratchets come into use for many things in your garden. Particularly in indoor growing, where, light fixtures, carbon filters and ducting need to be suspended above the plant canopy. 

As the plant grows, equipment will need to be raised to maintain a suitable distance between the canopy; this is made a simple task with ratchets. Highly recommended if not using already!



  • Secure lock-in place.
  • 2.4 metre long rope.
  • Comes in a pack of 2
  • Each ratchet is capable of a 40 kilogram load, 80 kilogram in total.
  • Durable