Black White LITE Sheeting

R460 - R3 300


The LightHouse Black White LITE Sheeting is a great product if you have a bigger growing space and are opting against using a tent. Reflective sheeting can turn any room into a reflective growing environment, helping light reach all areas of your growing space.

The LightHouse Black White LITE Sheeting has high levels of reflection and diffusion and has been manufactured to the highest levels in order to maximize the use of light in your grow room. Diffuse reflection is important to indoor growers because it eliminates hot spots and creates the even, efficient distribution of light plants desire. This product can be used to cover walls, floors and ceilings and is a cheaper alternative to the Orca Grow Film.

2m x 10m/100m roll.

Tip: We always recommend going LightHouse or Orca film over the traditional reflective foils. 


panda film/black & white sheeting for grow rooms DIY