Mist Maker - Humidifier

R1 250 - R1 750


This powerful and compact humidifier produces water vapour via ultrasonic vibration for a very fine micron size droplet correcting the humidity of the air dried out by central heating or environmental conditions associated with indoor growing.

Each unit is cool running and gives 100% humidity. Mist Makers maintain the optimum growing environment required for cuttings and seedlings as well as with growth through the vegetative stage of your plant cycle.

Place in a large propagator or centre of the growroom and watch the vapour float around your cuttings producing rapid growth rates and delivering greater nutrient uptake as well as nutrient transportation. Your plant's roots will grow to love the Mist Maker! The Mist Maker is cool running (most humidifiers on the market have a heat element). It features a very quiet operation and requires no wiring as it plugs directly into a standard electrical plug socket. This product uses a special coated disc for less frequent changing and works in an instant and can last up to 2000 working hours. 


How to use

  1. Put the the mist maker unit in your water container
  2. Connect the mist maker the transformer
  3. Fill in water. The best level is 1cm about the top of the sensor (the rubber n shape part stick out the top)
  4. Turn on the transformer at the mains power supply (you may wish to add automation system here to make the mist maker fit your humidity needs)

General tips:

  • DO NOT use distilled water, RO water/pure water. Use tap/river or rainwater otherwise the water-level sensor will not operate correctly which could lead to burn out.
  • The mist unit sends up small jets of water while in operation. Your container should be large enough to prevent water from splashing outside the container.
  • Use clean water - dirty water will affect mist production.
  • You may wish to add a reverse water tank(i.e. a bottle flipped upside down filled with water - where the mouth is the level of your water tank) to keep the water level and a small fan to push the mist out - example figure available in user manual provided.
  • Do not use household abrasive cleaners. Use soft cloth with clean water.


How it works

This Mist Maker utilizes electrical oscillation at ultrasonic frequencies to create a fine water vapor. The ceramic changes electrical oscillation into mechanical oscillation, which creates mist and water spray. This oscillation also produces negative ions, which helps to freshen the air. 



  • Coasted discs - 2000 working hours before disc replacement
  • Cool running
  • Quite
  • Effective
  • Maintain the optimum growing environment
  • Great for DIY hydronic & aeroponic propagators - can maintain 100% humidity
  • Includes water level sensor to (switches off when there is no more water)



  • Required working depth from ceramic discs to water surface 3cm to 5cm. 
  • 3 prong South African adapter included. 
  • Transformer/powersupply cable length: 10 meters  
  • Transformer rating: Ip64 
  • Working water temperature range from 5°C to 55°C
  • User manual included
  • CE and RoHS
  • 1 Year Warranty (T&C apply) 



  • Output: 1200ml per hour
  • Power consumption: 68W
  • Size: 68mm wide and 55mm high


  • Output: 1600ml per hour
  • Power consumption: 108W
  • Size: 85mm wide and 55mm high


Tip: You will need a controller/timer automate the device