Compression Sprayer

R119 - R370


Compression sprayers are widely used in both indoor and outdoor growing. They are commonly used for foliar feeding or when attempting to mitigate pests with diluted pesticides.

The fine mist ensures that there is even coverage over the canopy of your plants. This feature also comes into use when attempting to raise the humidity in a humidity dome during propagation.


How To Use

  • Simply pressurize the bottle using the handy pump lid and spray your plants efficiently with the sprayer.
  • The handle features an on/off trigger to allow a constant stream of nutrients and water.
  • An adjustable nozzle allows growers to choose between a fine mist or a more direct spray. 



  • Ideal for foliar feeding
  • Includes calibration markings for easy concentrate dilution
  • Adjustable brass nozzle for maximum versatility
  • High quality materials and build
  • 2L capacity / 5L capacity