Round DryNet – 55cm



This multi-layer LightHouse Round DryNet has been designed to hang in a grow tent to allow you to dry flowers or herbs. It is collapsible and has 8 layers.

The Round DryNet fits great in our smallest tents available or cupboard. 



  • Has 8 x 55cm layers
  • 1.5m tall
  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • 1 year warranty (T&C apply) 


How to use

  • Hang the LightHouse Round DryNet in your grow tent, ensure some airflow and that no light leaks into the tent.
  • Wet trim the fan leaves off your harvest and place the buds on the screens.
  • Be careful not to stack too densely as this can inhibit airflow and risk mold.
  • Remember to regularly check the buds and to turn them over to prevent flat, squashed buds. You should have a dry harvest in no time.