Grow Film Seem Tape



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Being one of the most reflective materials in the hydroponic industry, Orca Grow Film Seam Tape is an adhesive tape designed to stick your reflective sheeting to your walls or framework.

This Seam Tape is made from the same material used to produce Orca Grow Film, ensuring you won't lose any reflectivity between the gaps. Recommend to use with Orca Grow Film to provide the very best reflective surface.


Features & Specifications 

  • Finishes off your grow room to a professional standard
  • Easy to use long roll length of over 22 metres
  • Mold and algae growth resistant
  • 94% reflective across the visible light spectrum
  • ORCA's patent pending white plastic microfiber structure effectively scatters light from highly reflective crystalline structures within the substrate
  • ORCA Grow Film Sleep Tape is 94% reflective across the full visible spectrum and provides 99% diffusion
  • Size: 7.6 cm wide x 22.8 metres long
  • Made in USA


How to use

  • Lay out your Orca Grow Film and use the Orca Seam Tape to connect sheets together seamlessly, filling any gaps between between one sheet and the next.
  • Orca Seam Tape can also be used to connect your Orca Grow Film to grow tent frames, wooden or plastic frames.