Virgin Activated Carbon

R205 - R4 165


Virgin Activated Carbon Pellets are a great solution for extracting organic compounds from the air. After 12 to 18 months of use, carbon filters begin to lose their effectiveness and need to be replaced, Virgin Activated Carbon Pebbles are the perfect solution for this replacement. 

The predominance of micropores in virgin activated carbon pellets ensures effective removal of low molecular weight contaminants, present in low concentrations. The extruded form of this product offers exceptional hardness and durability, especially in annular and deep bed adsorption units where loading stress may be high.

Virgin pellets are better for use as this means the carbon has not been recycled (Most activated carbon on the market is recycled unless specified), which significantly improves the performance of the product.

Our activated carbon is imported from Jocobi in Europe, which holds the highest level of quality standard in the industry.

Refill Quantum carbon filters or Can-Lite carbon filters.


How It Works

Activated Carbon works using the process of adsorption. Adsorption works by trapping and retaining unwanted odours and hazardous gases inside the activated carbon which is possible because of its carbonous material structure.

Activated carbon is made using different types of wood and fruit castings like bamboo, coconut husk, willow peat, wood and coir. These castings are first carbonized at temperatures over 400°C and are then treated again at over 800°C while being treated with vapor to open up micro-pores and increase absorption rates. 

ALL activated carbon is rendered ineffective in an environment with humidity levels over 85%. Keep humidity levels below 80% or the odour absorbing reaction will be unable to take place inside the carbon.



  • 3mm diameter
  • High activity product
  • Extruded form
  • Predominately microporous
  • Exceptional product hardness
  • Low dust forming properties
  • Good resistance to attrition
  • High organic removal capacity
  • Versatile adsorbent
  • Consistent pressure loss characteristics
  • Steam activated and therefore acid-free. In fact, it has a slightly alkaline nature. 
  • Manufactured by Jacobi in Europe



  • CTC adsorption: min. 55%
  • Moisture content, as packed: max. 5%
  • Ash content: max. 15%
  • Hardness: min. 95%
  • Surface area 1000m2/g
  • Butane adsorption 25%
  • Apparent density, tapped 470 – 530 kg/m3
  • Filling density, loosely packed 400 – 450 kg/m3
  • Pellet diameter tolerance ±10% dia.


How to use

  • Fill carbon filter with virgin activated carbon pellets. Lightly shake the filter to ensure that the pellets are tightly packed and that there are no gaps for odours to pass through.
  • For specific instructions please refer to the instruction manual in the given quantum carbon filter.

 1L (approx. 500g)


How much activated carbon do I need to refill my carbon filter?

Look at the carbon weight/volume information on your carbon filter. Make sure the carbon filter is refillable.



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