Organic Bone Meal

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Green Houston's organic bone meal is a sustainable way to add calcium and phosphorus to your soil. The product is essentially what it says it is, a meal or powder made from ground up animal bones. Normally beef bones are used, but they can be the bones of any animal commonly slaughtered. Organic bone meal is a great organic amendment to prepare your super soil. 

The bone meal is steamed to increase its availability for plants. Bone meal will release phosphorus into the soil for up to four months.

Green Houston is one of the only shops that offers you 100% organically certified Bone Meal. 

NPK of 3-15-0



Great Source of Phosphorus

  • Bone meal is approximately 15% phosphorus, and it comes in a form that’s especially easy for plants to utilize.
  • This benefits root growth, cell division, seed growth, and prevents your plants from becoming stunted.

Contains Calcium

  • This promotes new growth in roots and stems to keep your plants healthy for the full growing season.

May Contain Nitrogen

  • This gives your plants a nutritional boost from a well-rounded soil amendment.  

Balances Out Other Amendments

  • Most common garden amendments like compost and manure are high in nitrogen but low in other critical nutrients like potassium or phosphorus.
  • Adding bone meal to the soil balances out these inequalities without you overpowering your soil with any one compound.  

Suitable for Organic Growing

  • Bone meal is an exceptional garden amendment from an organic gardening perspective because it improves the soil structure by increasing the concentration of beneficial soil microbes.
  • These microbes, in turn, make soil nutrients more accessible to plant roots, which in turn leads to faster growth, a better root system, and fewer days to maturity.

Acts as a Slow Release Fertilizer

  • Bone meal takes a long time to break down, which means it gives your plants consistent access to phosphorus throughout the growing season. This means the product only needs to be applied once during the growing season.

Boosts Health of Flowering Plants

  • Plants need phosphorus to flower, which is why bone meal is used for ornamentals like roses, bulbs and cannabis flowers. 
  • An infusion around the plant’s base early in the growing season should lead to bigger, more plentiful blooms.

Keeps pests out of your garden

  •  Repels animals like deer, squirrels and rabbits 


How to use

Soil Amendment:

  • 30L of growing medium: Mix 1 - 2 cups (360ml).
  • Per 1L of growing medium: Mix 2 heaped teaspoons (12ml).

    Compost Tea (Aerated):

    • Mix 1 tablespoon (15ml) of bone meal per 4 L of water with your other ingredients.

    Compost Tea:

    • Mix 1 tablespoon (15ml) of bone meal per 4 L of water.
    • Let mixture soak in an airtight container (shaking occasionally) in a cool dry place for 3 - 5 days but no longer than 7 days.
    • Water the growing medium with the mixture. Note: there will be sediment remaining. 

    Top Dressing:

    • 30L of growing medium: Apply approx. 6 tablespoons (90ml) every 3 weeks or so.
    • Follow with a normal watering. Always use dechlorinated water for organics.
    • Other recommended products to top dress here.

    Garden Bed Amendment/Top dressing:

    • Add bone meal at 1 - 2 cups (360ml) per meter squared (m²), mixing well into the top 10-15cm of soil. Bone meal will release phosphorus into the soil for up to four months.



     1L (approx. 1kg)


    Helpful tips:

    Store bone meal in a cool, dry place to avoid decomposition outside of soil.

    The effectiveness of bone meal phosphorus drops significantly if the pH of the soil is above 7. 

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