Seaweed Extract

R169 - R2 690


Seaweed Extract is a plant growth regulator which improves root, shoot and flower development of growing methods. 

For centuries farmers have tried to improve their crop output with fertilisers and nutrients, however it is seaweed that stands out as a natural and sustainable source of beneficial elements that aid the growth of crops.

With this being said, not all seaweeds are equal. Kelpak is a powerful liquid seaweed extract that is made from the fast growing giant kelp called Ecklonia maxima

Kelpak is harvested using strict scientific protocols and manufactured using the proprietary Cold Cellular-Burst extraction process in order to isolate the beneficial elements found in kelp. 

Note - New Packaging for 1l and 5L containers - same great product.




Root Growth

  • Not only does Kelpak encourage growth of the primary root tip, the active ingredients also also enhance lateral root growth, resulting in a significant increase in overall root mass and surface area.

Nutrient and Water Uptake

  • Through improved root development and vascular tissue growth, water, nutrients, sugar molecules, amino acids and hormones can be transported through the plant more efficiently, ensuring the crop remains hydrated and nourished, ultimately ensuring an improved crop yield.

Plant Development

  • Plant cell division and leaf spread are improved, ensuring higher chlorophyll production, resulting in a healthier plant.

    Fruit Set

    • The number of fruits per tree is improved as the overall percentage of fertilised flowers is significantly increased, ensuring improved fruit set and healthy fruit development. Kelpak application also ensures a higher rate of fruit set in cold or drought conditions. These adverse conditions negatively affect fruit set and Kelpak application can help offset this.

    Fruit and Berry Size

    • Kelpak helps in the development of the plant's root system and its vascular tissue which ultimately benefits fruit size through the provision of nutrients, minerals and essential compounds throughout the plant. Global trials and research indicate that the numerous natural bioactive compounds in Kelpak aid the plant's endogenous biosynthetic pathways that then lead to increased fruit sizing and uniformity.


    Fruit Colour

    • Fruit colour is an essential aspect of determining crop value. The active elements in Kelpak indirectly assist the plant's natural physiological processes, ensuring excellent fruit colour.

    Fruit Quality

    • Kelpak application improves firmness, shelf life and colour. By maintaining optimal nutrition and moisture levels in the plant before harvest, Kelpak application ensures that the fruit remains firm for longer periods on the shelf. Sugar levels are also improved as the additional nutrients deposit more starch which in turn is converted to sugars during ripening.

    Resistance to Abiotic Stresses

    • Kelpak provides a healthy root system, stronger stems and foliar growth, ensuring your plant will be more tolerant to abiotic stresses.
    • Kelpak application directly after a crop has experienced stress such as drought, frost, hail or flooding, also benefits the plant's recovery.
    • After transplant and harvest, most crops will experience shock. Kelpak application before or after these events will significantly improve re-establishment and ensure healthy reserves during dormancy.

    Prevents Leaf Burn

    • While calcium application is important in apple production, it often results in leaf scorch which will affect tree health and productivity. Kelpak acts as a buffer when applied together with calcium sprays, reducing leaf burn from these applications.

    Pollen Tube Development

    • Recent scientific studies clearly indicate the dramatic effect Kelpak has on pollen grain germination and pollen tube elongation. The pollen grain germinates and the pollen tube develops much faster when treated with Kelpak. This ultimately results in improved fruit set and crop yield.

    Excellent Return on Investment

    • Over four decades of trials consistently show that the return on investment when using Kelpak is significant, the extra value added to yield and quality of the crop far outweighing the cost.
    • While the farmer has to consider every additional expense incurred in order to remain profitable, the added security provided when using Kelpak not only means that his crop will survive, but it will flourish, providing that much needed profit.


    • Produced from fresh marine algae: Ecklonia maxima seaweed
    • NPK : 0 - 0 - 0.5%
      • Nitrogen 0.05% 
      • Phosphorus (P2O5) 0.03%
      • Potassium (K2O)  0.65%
    • Odour: Faint seaweed
    • pH: 4.0 – 4.6
    • Specific gravity: 1.01 –1.03
    • International standards, certifications: Ecocert, KIWA BCS Öko-Garantie GmbH, Australian certified organic, BioGro Certification, The USDA National Organic Program, California Department of Food & Agriculture – Organic Input Material Program, The Soil Association, ISO 9001:2015 Certification and ISO 9001:2008 Certification. 
    • Source: Freshly harvested Ecklonia maxima seaweed.
    • Harvesting: Strip rotation ensures uniform seaweed age and consistent biological activity.
    • Process: Cold cellular burst extraction method preserves the delicate compounds in the cell sap.
    • Activity: Regulates and enhances crops’ physiological processes for improved yields and quality.
    • Kelpak is a composite of natural actives including: Alginates Phlorotannins (Eckol), Polyamines, Macro and micro nutrients. These compounds act individually or in concert, contributing to numerous favourable physiological responses.


    How To Use

      Soil feeding:

      • Kelpak can be applied weekly alone or with your nutrient schedule in a 0.5-1% solution. (i.e. 5-10ml per L).
      • Can be used in drip irrigation.
      • Recommendation: great for use just after translating to reduce shock.

      Foliar spray:

      • Dilute 1 part Kelpak to 500 parts water (i.e 4ml in 2L water sprayer). Apply at 3 – 4 weekly intervals.
      • Recommendation:
      • begin foliar spray when the plants gets its 4 set of true leaves.
      • Keep the pH of the spray solution below 7 for optimum results

        Seed treatment:

        • Kelpak Liquid Fertiliser is highly effective as a direct seed dip for coating before planting. Seed coating is recommended at a rate of 5 ml/kg of seed.

        Seedling/cutting tray dip:

        • Kelpak Liquid Fertiliser can be used as rockwool cubes/seedling tray dip. Immerse seedling tray in a 1% solution or apply as a light hand-watering.

        Please Note:

        • Shake well before use. 
        • Store in a cool place, away from direct sunlight - Kelpak stability guaranteed for 2 years in sealed containers under normal storage conditions