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Neoprene Clone Collar (48mm)



Cloning collars are designed to use in conjunction with Cloning Systems, net pots or homemade DIY cloning systems, depending on what works best for you. 

Cloning collars are made from a spongy neoprene material with a slit in the side, making it easy for a delicate cutting to be inserted and removed without sustaining any damage to the fragile plant tissue.

Comes in different colours to help colour code your clones.


How To Use

  • A cloning collar is used to keep cuttings in an upright and stable position while it develops a strong root system.
  • Most cuttings will require the support of a cloning collar for approximately five to ten days before being transferred to the main growing system.
  • Once a cutting has gained significant root growth, the collar can be removed and the cutting can be transferred to the main growing system.
  • Remove the cloning collar prior to transferring the cutting.



  • 48mm wide
  • 12.7mm deep
  • Hole diameter: 3-4mm (supports up to 1cm stems)
  • Colours: Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red and Purple


We will always try our best to pack an even amount of colours.