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Bio Grow

R140 - R1 750


Bio-Grow is a by-product of turning sugar beets or sugar cane into sugar and through its creation; undergoes a natural fermentation process.

Starches in the sugar are treated with enzymes to produce glucose that, along with other plant nutrients, helps produce a rich food source for soil microbes, boosting their populations for a more productive soil.

BioBizz Bio-Grow activates the bacterial flora in the substrate thanks to its basis of 100% Dutch organic sugar beet extract, commonly known as molasses. 



  • You can apply this liquid growth fertilizer to most types of soil and substrate mixtures
  • This potent growth formula is a complete fertilizer solution containing everything your plants need for vigorous growth during the vegetative stage.
  • Enriched with 70 trace elements, natural sugars, humic acids, kelp, and vitamins B1, B2, C and E.
  • High nitrogen concentration, ideal for vegetative growth.
  • The natural sugars and potassium in activate the bacterial flora in the substrate that guarantee an ample harvest of resinous flowers.
  • Just like all Biobizz products, it has a low phosphate content, as this substance is considered harmful to our bodies and the environment.

    All BioBizz products encourage beneficial microbial activity in the root-zone. This increases yield and root-health.


    How to use

    • This product is a complete fertilizer that can be used throughout the growing and flowering period.
    • Start using the product as soon as the first leaves appear to when the plant is 10 – 15 cms tall. Then keep using Bio Grow until the end of harvest.
    • View or download nutrient schedule below for best results

    NPK ratio: 4 – 3 – 6


    Please Note:

    Not created for hydroponic systems, will clump up and go off if long standing in reservoirs. 

    Store it in a dark, dry room with an average room temperature of 18C. - Don´t store them in the fridge. Bio•Heaven™ and Acti•Vera™ are especially sensitive. 


    Nutrient schedule

    BioBizz Bio Grow Schedule

    BioBizz Bio Grow

    FAQ - by Biobizz & Green Houston


    Is it necessary to use a calcium/magnesium supplement when using the Biobizz products?

    Under normal conditions it is not necessary to use a Ca/Mg supplement if we use most or all Biobizz products. Only in some very demanding grows, like some cases of crops in coco coir, would it be necessary to use a Ca/Mg supplement, since it is a demanding and unconventional substrate.


    Do I need to use additional bacteria or micorrhyzae with Biobizz?

    Not necessarily, but it helps. It is not necessary to inhibit fungi or introduce beneficial fungi into the substrate. Mycorrhizal fungi and bacteria(Explogrow) that we have sourced locally in SA are next to none when it comes to their proven performance and quality in organics. 


    Can I use dry amendments (bone meal, kelp meal, malted barely, wromcastings etc) in combination with Biobizz?

    Of course! Using organic material in conjunction with Biobizz products is positive, provided that only organic or ecological products are used. However, it is important not to abuse the organic matter so as not to saturate the substrate with nitrogenous bases.


    Do you have a Nutrient Schedule for autoflowers?

    There is no specific Nutrient Schedule for autoflowering plants, but it is possible to use the current Nutrient Schedule with them. The feeding of the autoflowering is faster, so we should skip some weeks of the regular Nutrient Schedule to adapt to their needs.