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100% biodegradable Jiffy Pot & Tray

R2 - R95


Produced in Denmark these environmentally friendly Jiffy pots are a combination of Peat, Coco Peat and Bark, a great alternative to plastic pots. The Jiffy pots are 100% biodegradable, compostable and approved for organic production with an expected time of 4-6 moths to start breaking down. 

The pots were uniquely designed with 4 slits on the bottom sides of the pot for water drainage and aeration.

When transplanting, the rooted plants can be transplanted with the pot into new soil, reducing any possible stress that might be caused by disturbing the root-zone while transplanting.



  • Biodegradable - 100% home compostable in garden soil or home compost bin
  • Environmentally friendly - No plastic waste - Sustainable gardening
  • Economical plastic alternative
  • Easy Transplanting - no need to remove pot when planting (no transplant shock, healthier plants)
  • Cost effective & less labor intensive to repot
  • No nitrogen binding
  • No growth of mold or fungus
  • No root spiraling due to coarse surface of inner pot
  • Average of 1°C cooler then regular plastic pots
  • The dryness of the container persists for a few months (depending on environment), keeping the pot dry, even though it is exposed to water or humid substrate.
  • Clean appearance & pleasant to touch
  • Different size jiffy pots all available in tailored made Jiffy trays



Jiffy Pot

  • Material: Coco Peat, Peat Moss, Bark and Lime
  • Available sizes:
    • 6cm high x 6cm wide with 4 slits
    • 8cm high x 8cm wide with 4 slits
    • 10cm high x 9cm wide with 4 bottom raised holes
  • Made in Demark

    Jiffy Tray

    • Tailored made for the 6cm x 6cm / 10cm x 9cm jiffy pot
    • 40/15 x slots
    • Extra Large Dome compatible.
    • 55cm long x 31.5cm wide x 6.3cm high
    • Large base drainage holes for efficient capillary watering
    • Ribbed sides for root guidance and air pruning
    • Reusable and recyclable
    • Can be easily cut into smaller pieces


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